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Do you want More Paperwork?
Or more time??

You Could:                  

OR  You Could:   

1. Cut one order to Lawrence Interior Group

2. Sit back and relax

3. Wait for your furniture to arrive.

4. Graciously accept compliments on what a good job you did

1. Research and Place separate orders for:

  • Ergonomic chairs

  • Conference room chairs

  • Conference room table

  • Training tables

  • Executive desks

  • Carpet 

  • Silk Plants

  • Trash Cans

  • Break Room Furniture

  • Artwork

2. Verify vendors received orders.
3. Verify fabric and laminate selections are correct.
4. Check order acknowledgements for each vendor. 
5. Check lead times. 
6. Verify required delivery date. 

7. Notify vendors of required delivery date. 
8. Notify installers of required delivery date. 
9. Notify vendors of new delivery date after installers verify their schedule. 
10. Get trucking and routing information when vendors ship merchandise. 
11. Call trucking companies to verify shipments on time. 
12. Keep calling trucking companies until shipments arrive.
13. Call installers to verify installation on schedule.

Why get lost in a pile of paperwork?
Let Lawrence Interior Group guide your project from start to finish

Lawrence Interior Group  - Office and Conference Room Package
Contract Number: GS-28F-0021P
Contract Expires: 03/07/09

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